Friday, May 19, 2006

Working with the energetic and spiritual reality of our existence

My name is John Douglas. I have decided to start this blog to chronicle the experiences of my clients and I in my alternative healing practice. Most of my clients have experienced instantaneous physical and emotional healing of conditions ranging from arthritis, inflamation, colds and flu, other infections, lupus, high blood pressure etc, and depression, phobias, drug addiction (prescription and recreational), anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and more. All without drugs.

I don't expect those people without any experience of spiritual healing to believe one word of the above paragraph. But I ask you to remain open, without fear of extending your belief systems so you may in some way accept that there is more to our existence, our reality and the function of our organism than the physical. My clients are located all over the world, and I have traveled extensively to work on wealthy industrialists, heads of state, eccentric billionaires, royalty, businesspeople, working people, animals and children. This has occurred because that which I do, creates results, often instantly and miraculously.

This blog will also document the anecdotes and discoveries that I have made about disease and the human body via my ability to "scan". My remote scanning method is a superconscious technique and ability (not psychic) whereby my consciousness can transport itself to any location and scan for the presence of a molecule, or energy or object etc. This has been one of the keys to my great success in treating people. It has allowed us to discover in many cases, misdiagnosis of conditions. It has also allowed me to discover many other facts, some very alarming. A large part of this blog will include the truth that is found by scanning.

An example of misdagnosis by Doctors, and a successful treatment by my work -
30 year old executive suffered from sore and weak knee for 4 years. He was a weekly volleyball player and obviously suffered greatly by placing so much pressure on his knee.
Doctors repeatedly performed steroid injection into the joint, without really diagnosing the exact issue - diagnosing just a worn out knee. There was no overall improvement reported by the client after these steroid shots, only small relief of pain for about 3 hours afterwards.
So what was causing this painful weak knee?
The scanning showed -
1. Bacterial infection of knee joint and cartilage.
2. Subsequent inflammation caused by bacterial infection.
3. Misalignment of knee joint and cartilage. (severe).

The treatment was simple. The bacteria was killed on the spiritual level. Instantly. The inflammation was removed by the appropriate energy healing protocol to remove inflammation. Instantly.
The joint was aligned perfectly on the molecular level, and the client actually felt the upper and lower leg being slightly turned and aligned at the knee.
The result? The client, who was very skeptical in the early part of the session, was speechless.
He stood up, to find that he had a new knee. It felt "even better and stronger than before". He couldn't believe it and proceeded to jump around and lunge down on it to be sure.
This client was a very logical, left brain tech type of person, who initially found it very hard to understand what it was that I did, let alone believe it. But of course, he had heard of me through word of mouth and was forced by his wife to visit me.

As this blog develops, and you get to know more about me and my work, you will understand and hopefully benefit by expanding your knowledge and understanding of our existence, and therefore expanding your consciousness and wisdom.

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